Hot Stamping Socks


Solara’s hot stamped socks Developments made of one of the finest fibers in the world: Peruvian Pima Cotton.
Pima Cotton socks have remarkable differences compared to those made from regular cotton, they are incredible softer, have brilliant luster and an exceptional durability. Additionally, since it is hypoallergenic, it is the best choice for people with skin sensitivities.
It also contains Coolmax, which is a fiber that pulls away sweat to keep feet dry and comfortable thanks to its moisture-wicking technology

~ Reinforced heel and toe
~ ~Wide variety of designs and unlimited use of colors.

15% Peruvian Combed Pima Cotton – 60% Coolmax – 24% Nylon – 1%Spandex

Size:            ~10-13                ~ 13-16                      ~9-12

Height:        ~ crew                

#Needles / gauge:                     200 needles / 22

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