Athletic Ankle Cushion Sock


Cushion sock from Solara’s Athletic Developments has several benefits thanks to its high content of Microfiber.
It improves breathability, has exceptional strength, although the filaments are super fine. It allows vivid prints with more clarity and sharper contrast. Also, it can be made windproof and water resistant excellent drape.

~ Cushion sole: Lightly padded sole that will provide greater protection and comfort to your feet.
~ Breathable mesh: ventilation top allows fee to breathe, creating a healthy environment for your feet.
~ Ribbed: Prevent the sock from slipping without cutting off your circulation.

99% Microfiber – 1% Spandex

Size:           ~ 41 – 46               ~ 39-41

Height:        ~ crew                 ~ Big and tall

#Needles / gauge:                     200 needles / 22


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