Higher profitability in socks thanks to outsource by nearshoring

Monday May 1st, 2017
For American companies looking to improve quality, minimize costs, and keep inventories lean, there is a valuable alternative to offshoring. The alternative is nearshoring. This is using South American vendors and suppliers to make your production more efficient. When you outsource by [...]

Smart socks for smart shoppers

Saturday April 8th, 2017
Sock design and construction have had an increasing impact on the comfort and satisfaction of sock purchasers and on the long-term success of the companies producing them. As the marketplace becomes more informed and a premium is placed on quality and performance, sock construction techniques [...]

Solara manufactures the first Cotton-Dry Socks

Sunday March 12th, 2017
Solara, a South American hosiery solution provider is announcing the introduction of TransDRY, a new yarn technology that could revolutionize the athletic sock industry worldwide. TransDRY better absorbs moisture in cotton athletic socks and makes them cooler to wear. This results is minimizing [...]